Seyi Ajibola is an entrepreneur, business coach and also founder of ShainZuo CompuTech Ltd., a company that deals in computer hardware and software though he strongly believes is a “jack of all trade” businessman. Recently, he launched a platform where he helps young people to discover themselves as entrepreneurs.

Seyi believes everyone is born an entrepreneur but not everyone will become one because they chose not to. He uses this platform to help people find the entrepreneurship substance in them and teach them on how to be skillful in doing business.



Ok… Ok… Ok… I know this is the kind of “about me” page you always wanna read.

Yeah. Because that is how most about me pages are written. Thank goodness. I sure bet I didn’t disappoint you. At least, I sounded a lot more smarter writing about myself in that manner.


But pardon me. Let me abandon that approach and write my About Me page like I am about to “toast” my best Ewa igoyin seller, Alhaja Rukayat’s daughter, Aminat. Lol.

Anyway, wetin you won know?

I am a young man in his twenties.

I live alone presently and I must confess, it is sick boring. But wetin man go do as long as money dey show.

I am unmarried. The main reason I am toasting Aminat.

I am 6.6ft long. Yeah. I have been advised to use “long” rather than “tall”. I think it’s cool.

I am guessing you are wondering if I even worth your time and attention.

Oya, no vex.

But let me tell you why you should give me some of it.

Think about this........

  • Your friends from school suggested you all spend some time together at a resort in Lekki this coming weekend but your involvement was quickly dashed when you realised your account balance is blinking red light.
  • You have been home since you finished NYSC and every visitor who comes around to say HI to your parents kept on asking you one simple question, “Are you still in this House? Haven’t you gotten a job or something to do yet?”. You will be like, “Kuku kee me na”. I was there too and I know how annoying it could be.
  • You were listing out your needs because you planned going shopping the next day but was disappointed as you kept on writing and writing stuffs you know you won’t be able to buy except you rob a bank.
  • You have made the decision to learn how to bake. So you called the friend of your friend’s sister’s cousin (if she even exists) who runs a cateering school and explained to her you wantto enrol but she immediately broke your heart unknowingly to her when she mentioned N120,000 for her lowest package. Jesu!!! O fe pa mi ni.
  • You are home jejeje pressing your almost expired phone you are still managing to surf Facebook and you stumbled on this post showing pictures of your old School Friends presently having fun at a former course mate’s owanbe wedding. Though you were invited but you couldn’t make it because you can’t afford the money for Asoebi and the cost of transportation to the location because mummy and Daddy are tired of giving you money to even buy airtime.

You are still here? Good.

Now you have thought about those things and I guess you are wondering, “Omo, that one no make sense oh”.

Walahi. Make I just yarn you the truth. E no make sense at all at all.

How I go won buy something and I no fit?

How I no go fit enjoy with my padis this weekend?

How I no go fit attend my friend’s wedding?

How I no go fit comot my papa house go get my own place too?

How I no go fit pay apprentice money say I won sabi sew?

Omo, e no make one confam sense like this. Na wetin come carry me come this place be that. So you won’t have to go through all these shii because……………

I will help you monetize your talent even if you haven’t discovered it.

I will turn your idea into a money making venture.

I will help you bring back to life what you have started but had seem not to be working.

I will get you out of frustration and help you to start paying your own bills all by yourself.

And if you have a business running already, I will help you make it better in 10 times better.

    But this is why I won't be your guy........

    I won’t be your guy if you want to “get rich’ in seconds.  

    I won’t be your guy if you are looking for “the easy way” to financial fulfillment.


    I don’t mean to break your heart but quick money also vanishes quick and that is not my mission here. I am here to help you build a long lasting wealth. Emphasis on “Build”.


    Now I am already wondering you are probably asking yourself right now……………..

    "How do I know if this guy's stuff is any good to
    spend my time and attention on?"

    Well, every single bit of information you will find here teaching you and putting you through how to start a business without no idea of one right now since you are even broke at the moment sef contains the tips that has made me the young man who also was broke to someone who presently

    • Runs 3 businesses with the same tips and information,

    • Pay his own bills,

    • Moves for Point A to Point B as he wills,

    • And most importantly, is financially independent.

    I guess you don’t care about all that is listed above but sincerely, you might be envying already. Lol.

    Yeah, I got you.

    Do that answer your question?

    I know you will want to say “NO” but practically, I did.

    All the things you will be reading here are resources I have spent money on over the years to know. Getting myself filled up with knowledge until I began to get skillful on how to start a business from scratch and run it smoothly.

    You see. You won’t have to pay Mr. Roberts N50,000 on how to be financially independent because I have decided to be your “Jesus” in paying the price.

    I remember when I first started a printing business in my University days. It was like “money rituals” at that time.

    Then I will invest N500 and gain in profit N2000 every 2 days. That is roughly N8000 in a week for a University guy. Chai, e sweet me die.

    So in my mind, I decided not to make it known to potential business friends I had then. Make dem no go spoil business for me if dem talk say dem won start their own.

    Anyway – it kind of worked. Kind of.

    Did they get to find out about the business? Yes.

    Did they start theirs? Yes.

    Did I make money? Yes.

    Was it because I didn’t tell them? No.

    In case you are asking what I gained? I gained nothing but guilt.

    I still earned N8000 per week. At a point, it even went higher.

    So far so good, I have grown in business and I have earned quite a lot from doing a whole lot of things because I became skillful.

    I have decided not to make that mistake of hoarding vital information away from people. Not now. Not ever.

    So here is what I will help you with, specifically.....

    My main focus is to help you turn into an Entrepreneur whether you have a job now or not. I will practically focus on you – I mean yourself.

    Allow me to call the “work wey we dey do” here as………

    “Selling Yourself Package”

    I will do this by showing you how to develop your unique selling point, assist you in making it valuable and lastly help you with the necessary tools to sell it efficiently and productively in exchange for money.

    Now here is my first INSTRUCTION to you……

    • Go to my homepage.

    • Start reading my articles.

    • If you like them, sign up for my newsletter and free bonuses to help you. 

    Pretty simple, right?


    Thanks for reading about me. I guess I am sweet after all. No lie oh….LOL. Oya, let’s get to work.


    Seyi Ajibola


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