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What you are about to read is the best advice I believe someone will tell you before going for NYSC. It is a series of statuses I posted on my WhatsApp due to high demand to talk about it.

Okay… Let’s talk about NYSC. Demand to talk about it is just everywhere in the DM & my thumbs are hot typing to individuals about it already.

I want you to know what you are about to read is only an advice birthed from my own personal experience and some others I have been able to follow since the beginning of their service year up till this moment and it is your choice to follow if it doesn’t resonate with you or not.

If at the end, you think it makes sense to you, try as much as possible to share it to everyone you know who is also preparing to be at their states of deployment.

So in days, NYSC camp opens. But you have few days to make some very important steps that will shape your life forever.

The step I am about to tell you to take will decide what your life will become starting from Thursday, throughout the camping and the whole service year and after your service year into the real world. So put this in mind.

First of all, one thing to start doing right now if you haven’t started is to start planning your future starting from the present. Can we start now? Good.

Right now, let’s fast forward to few days after your service year next year. What do you have in mind you will be doing after NYSC right now?

Do you wanna go find a job? Do you wanna enroll for masters? Planning to travel out? Want to write a professional course? Want to get married? Want to start a business?

Whatever it is that is top priority, get your diary and your pen. Write it down now. Label it Plan B. Following? Good.

Now you have a plan B, let’s work on Plan A.

See… From experience, I have found that as a Nigerian graduate, your life begins the day you saw your deployment letter. This is the day you will begin to make decisions all by yourself. It may still be influenced but there is a tangible percentage that you will start making your life decisions from this moment.

Let me be sincere with you. That 1 year is a total waste of time to 90% of Nigerians. Like Toyins my friend said, it is scam. The biggest scam ever.

And before you start pulling the religious stuff on me saying “It will not be a waste of time for me and my steps are ordered in Jesus name”, I want you to first calm down and chop chill.

Let’s start from the orientation camp. There is almost nothing you will be doing there that will add something to your life. Everything there is just play, chop & eat.

All NYSC orientation camp was for me was making new friends that will lie about almost everything and some that will become your friends forever.

So if you are smart when others are fooling around, get at least 2 books that you will read during the next 3 weeks. I recommend books on building new relationships & making life decisions.

Don’t buy book on ‘How the Anointing of the Holy Spirit can fall on me’ cos it will not happen inside that camp you are going. You will soon understand.

If you want to become smarter, be like me that took work to camp & earned… how much was it sef… I think 143k cos I spent 40k for 3 weeks on what I can’t even remember right now, or be like Toyins that made 100s of Naira everyday with his Nokia phone.

I know you want to have fun. Dem don tell you say camp sweet die. Since nobody sabi you laidat. You don dey think say you go enjoy yasef. Osheeey bhaddest.

My advice to you is not to mess up your service year starting from camp. All you need throughout this year is FOCUS. It has been proven that how you started your service year from camp is the same way you will run the rest of it if not your whole life.

So remain focused during this 3 weeks & save your future. Use your head. Following? Good.

I will be spitting something some of you might find offensive or off the chart but who e epp after all?

Almost everything done in the name of NYSC is a distraction. Believe it or not. From Parade, to SAED, to U-Report, to CDS, even NCCF… All na distraction.

Don’t focus your attention on anything that is tied with NYSC except it is something you will keep using after the service year. And this thing must be very valuable to your life & most importantly your future if you will ever think about hooking.

Now let’s talk about your plan A which is for 1 year. This plan A is subdivided into 2.

Because right now, you dunno where you will be posted to, you need to have a plan before the day you will know your ZPA & PPA.

* Plan A Part 1 is your plan if you will be posted to an urban area.

* Plan A Part 2 is your plan of you will be posted to a rural area.

Plan A Part 1 – If after camp you are posted to an Urban area, this is what you need to do regardless of your primary place of assignment (PPA). Remember I told you NYSC is a waste of time.

Get all the cheap certifications those people will bring to you. PMP, safety, etc. Don’t mind though I think they are useless. Just get them and bone face. If you are the CV type, it will make your CV robust. Nothing more cos this is the aim. They will be expensive if you need them later on after service.

Plan A Part 2 – If you get posted to a rural area, you properly have no light to charge your phone & PC, no network coverage, no whatever you are enjoying at the moment & because NYSC is a total waste of time, my advice to you is to live the happiest life you can ever imagine with the people.

Learn their language. Help humanity in anyway you can. Impact & influence them positively & make sure as you do all this things, take a record of them all. You can become e.g. a YALI member later in future with it.

So people came into the DM showing they disagree with NCCF being a distraction. Hehe..

Anyway, you all should be used to me being blunt & raw. From experience, the only people that NCCF is meant for are the excos. I have noticed that if you are not an executive, then stop deceiving yourself you are a member.

Many members are just clinging to NCCF because of free accommodation. I no say make you no serve Jesus ó or do rural rugged. Just don’t get distracted away from your plan B being someone who you are not.

NYSC to the majority is just a branch along their life journeys. Many things after NYSC stop there. In fact, the chances that NYSC will decide your future is slim. This fact is true cos I have watched many people live their lives after NYSC. Just a few NYSC epp.

This is why you need to make plans. NYSC is just an opportunity. It is rarely a means to becoming someone great in future. You can get the award of best serving Corp member & still have a difficult life after. Don’t carry NYSC & its related stuff on your head like doing rural rugged believing God will compensate you with a good job.

So now let’s talk about Allawee & savings. If you will be posted to a rural area, this is very important. Save the hell out of your allawee. Food will be cheap. You don’t need costly transportation.

Villagers, church members, PPA people etc… They will love you because from now, you will start greeting people. This is very important. You must learn to use greeting to kee people. Once they like you, nothing anyone will do about it.

You can’t joke with this. You just have to save. Very vital.

If you are posted to an urban area, saving may be hard but it doesn’t stop you from saving.

See… You need to start your hustling from NYSC. You need to start getting yourself familiar with what hustling looks like after service. If your PPA is not demanding, get other jobs like home lesson tutor. Don’t do sales girl o. If you are a business person, start your business now from camp.

My friend, Seun’s PPA was demanding but he saved 240k. Ishmael sold Data. His customers at Kebbi still patronizes him.

Now let’s move to building new relationships. If you have been here for a long time, you will know I talk about relationships. Don’t joke with relationships in this 1 year of your life.

From camp, meet as many people as possible. You will meet the fake ones & the real ones. Use your instincts & learn how to know one from the other.

Many people are coming for NYSC to live a different life entirely. Don’t get lost in between. Use your head. Don’t let them use it for you.

NYSC is not a place to fall in love & date. Instead build up that friendship throughout the 1 year & see where it leads. Huh???

Now let’s talk about your academic performance from Uni.

If you are a first class graduate, I will advise you to focus your attention here. You know NYSC is just an opportunity. It is time to see if this opportunity will favour you.

If you can’t get into Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS), make a friend there. There are big companies that will be at the camps looking for first class graduates to work for them & OBS will know them all. This is your strength as an intelligent graduate. Use it. 😎

Build relationships with NYSC officials. We never can tell, they can be useful. Don’t be like me that fought them allthrough. I have my regrets. 😁

At your PPA, be the best employee ever. Just smile and greet. NYSC is not exactly a place for enjoyment, tho that’s what it was for me 😁. But it should be for learning. A place for preparation for the real world to come. So don’t play safe cos the real world won’t play safe with you.

Experience the hard part of it. It will only make you stronger. Huh?

If you are in this academically intelligent group, use this one year to research & write as many professional courses as possible.

I don’t like school but I like it when I use my best strengths to move up levels. This is a strength. Acquire certs. ICAN, ACAA, CFA etc. Research about them & decide if you can give any a shot.

These days we now live in, your bios & portfolio are the things that make people see you as valuable. Start building on them so you can support your 1st class when you get out.

If you fall in my group, those of us that graduated with 2.2 & 3rd class. Pls just start a business already. 😁

Make sure you start one before NYSC finishes o. Cos to find job out here no easy. So better find a source of income to support yourself once 19.8 stops coming.

Don’t even give yourself any hope of getting a job even if you are sure. Forget all those uncles & aunties that said they will help you find a job once you are done with NYSC. Na scam o. Don’t be deceived. Prepare for the worst. If you need help starting a business, let me know. I will help you out.

Pls, you don’t have to accept everything I advised as regards NYSC here.

I am only giving you leads on what to expect. And these leads will save you a lot of trouble.

Like right now, you have met one fine dude in the bus going to the same camp as yours & you are already thinking he is awesome. Issokay.

I have been saving this part of the series.

“Pls have fun”

The fun is not going to every club that just opened or sleeping around like a dog that has just been released from its cage.

The fun part I am talking about is to travel and explore. Visit places. If you want to follow my steps, find one or two friends who also love to explore & do it together. It will help you minimize cost. Pls have fun.

And that you allawee, don’t be like my friend Muntaru that used all his allawee to do 9jabet.

Use your head well. A whole lot of schemes usually fly around among corp members. So many hypes and MLMs. Don’t fall for scam. Don’t dedicate all of your time to any. If you will participate at all, have a plan B. Just make money for a said time and exit. Those things don’t last.

All you will be doing during your NYSC must be aimed at becoming a better person and preparing for the real cold world. You Ready?

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