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Yes! You heard me right.

A deadly disease is about to kill you.

It has killed in past generations and yet still killing in this generation.

It killed our Forefathers and continued its deadly spread until it killed our Fathers not sparing our Mothers too.

Now, it is also killing us. I have friends and loved ones who keep dying everyday and I can’t hold my peace any longer as it keeps wiping away our generation.

As a Nigerian, there is one thing you can’t but experience once in a week or at least once in a month.

As harmless at it looks, it has eaten deep into the mindset of every single individual in this part of the world..

Even though we all were born into the flow, we have gladly accepted it to be true and not ready to have a rethink about changing to the better side of it.

Few days ago, I consciously decided to observe to prove this hypothesis ringing in my head and try to figure out why and what can be done and if possible, get a theory out of it.

Please allow me to narrate my experience.

A very close friend of mine had just traveled from Lagos to have some educational issues trashed out in the Federal Capital Territory and also to use the opportunity to say Hi to me since I started residing here of recent.

It was the best thing that happened to me in months since I am the only one among my friends in the Nation’s Capital working his brain out every single day as a young determined entrepreneur.

It was such a relief I will have someone finally say good morning to me after a very long time since Siri has been the only one doing that for months. I have to confess she has been a great companion. Lol.

He wasn’t familiar with the city like I do, so I was to play his personal tour guide as we plan to have these issues dealt with.

Our mission was to go to the Headquarters of the Ministry of Education and also that of the Foreign Affairs.

We arrived first at the Ministry of Education and the experience began.

Please follow carefully as you read my story.

At the ground floor, there are two different adjacent areas to catch an elevator, but everyone was busy moving towards a particular direction making the other direction scanty with little or nobody moving there to catch an elevator.

We were on our way to the 8th floor with a whole lot of others going with us and also to other floors in this 12-floor building.

The people waiting was increasing each minute with nobody still going towards the other direction to use the other elevator just like I and my friend didn’t.

Eventually we got into the elevator which can only contain 13 people at a time and we aimed towards the 8th floor.

We started the processes as soon as we got to our destination and to round up everything, we were told to get some other things done in another office which happens to be on the ground floor.

Remembering when we waited in the morning to get into an elevator, we decided to go through the other direction to get the elevator no one was willing to use earlier in that day.

In seconds, we were on our way down to the ground floor and on getting there, I saw yet another multitude of people waiting to catch the elevator at that same direction we took ours earlier in the day.

By now, it’s been hours and I realized people have unconsciously ignored the elevator assuming it is out of service since nobody was going there to catch one.

Finally, we finished all in our plans and could say we had a fulfilled day and I decided to withdraw at the ATM as my friend waited at a nearby park unknowingly to me I was about to have my second experience.

Reaching the e-bank, I again met a queue outside waiting to use the only ATM at the entrance of the e-bank with no one inside the major building using any of the 4 ATMs there.

Again, I assumed the 4 ATMs were not dispensing cash then I remembered my experience at the elevator earlier that day and summoned the courage to go check them out.

I asked the last person on the queue to know if the machines were out of service and he replied by shaking his head indicating he had no idea.

I took a leap of faith and work straight into the main building and in minutes, I smiled as I walked out after accomplishing a cash withdrawal.

By now, the queue outside has become longer and I was expecting someone to ask if the machines inside were working fine, I was surprised when nobody did.

They have unconsciously assumed the only machine outside with the longer queue was the only one working and not the other 4 machines inside just like the experience I had at the elevator earlier that morning.

By now, you already know why I held you down telling you all these stories that touches not. Even if you have, allow me to hit the nail finally as it disappears into the wood.

Just like I did at the elevator before changing my mindset at the e-bank, it is time you stop thinking like everyone else.

People at the elevator I first used believed the other isn’t working because nobody was going towards the direction likewise the people at the e-bank waiting outside in front of one machine when 4 others are begging for the whole world to come use them.

We have been entangled to think only in a direction. We have been constrained to never seek for other options or solutions but to keep using the only ones that has always been available.

We were told to go to school because it is the only way to success.

Daddy and Mummy even told us that it is the only way our bata wee do kokoka.

We were told to get a job after going to school because it is the only way to financial freedom.

We have been told to follow the new business trend because it is the newest invention after sliced bread.

We have been told to fast and pray for 21 days to expect a financial miracle of a Ghana must go full of money fall on us mysteriously from heaven.

We were told to believe in God if we want to be rich.

And nobody is telling us to put in the work and pass through the process of finding purpose and working extremely hard to achieving it.

We have decided to follow the path of mediocrity by doing what everybody else has always been doing without thinking of our own unique ways to do things differently.

We were fooled and even after knowing, still decided to continue being fools.

And this is the cancer killing us the young people of this age

Hmmm. This generation of great young minds is wasting away like the a day old McDonalds fried chicken.

My heart bleeds and I pray someone comes to our help.

I am Seyi Ajibola, a young entrepreneur in his twenties helping young people majorly small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs find their purpose in life and in business so they can have a crystal clear vision of the future they deserve without having to work extremely hard with no direction of purpose.

Sign up below and let me help you get started.


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