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So I have been up since yesterday with my PC, phone, iPad, 8 books opened with stoppers in between and a lot of A4 plain papers scattered all over my bed.

My initial plan today was to get up early and go for jog as I have recently adopted into my morning rituals.

But as you can see now, it’s been over 16 hours I have been awake and my head seems like it’s gonna explode right now.

It got me thinking ,

“How did I get here?”. 

“Who made me this way?” 

I was still wondering when I picked up my phone and sent a text to babilicious bae.

I actually don’t expect you to ask me who that is by the way. *smiles*

I was like

“Babe, do you think I am a workaholic?”. 

Expecting to hear the realest truth in a long time, she replied.

“Hmm, it’s good”.

I objected.

“No…. that’s not what I want to hear, just say the sincere truth”

She then continued.

“All I can say about this is that you are diligent in the work you do”.

Really?!! Did you just read that too?. I was so relieved.

‘Cos initially, I was expecting to read,

“See you o, so you did not know you are. See your life. You that can work on the moon. You better don’t kill yourself one day”

You know there are times you think you know the truth and just want to ask another person not because you think it is wrong but because you just want a confirmation that you are right about it after all.

That was exactly what I wanted when I picked up the phone to send that text.

But her response changed the whole view I have hard to myself for a long time.

I have knocked off Whatsapp for a while now and found solace in BBM.

So If you don’t know, thats where I have been hiding all this while. Lol.

It got to a time I thought I was getting to distracted. Doing a lot of unnecessary stuffs that kept on making me a master in procrastination.

That was the main reason I had to knock it down. It seems like the whole world is there waiting for me to waste my time by cracking my always boring jokes. Lol.

It’s been 3 months now and I must confess it worked.

Ooh…. I am already changing the reason for the post.

Op say this talk talk no go finish me one day sha.

Oya, lemme continue from where I stop. Biko.

So back to the question….

“How did I get here?”

“How have I been able to stay this long late with still a lot more energy to continue working and reading at the same time?”

Deep down in me, I remembered what it was.

I know it is not about the money. Neither is it the fame. I actually don’t care about all of that.

As you already know, there are thousands of ways to make money. You can be a speaker or a butcher, a web or graphic designer, a phone seller or a furniture maker, a caterer or a make up artist, a fashion designer or a shoe maker.

There are trailer loads of “How Tos”.

How to make money is not the problem.

You just need to know the “why“.


Why do you want to build a business?

Hopefully, it is not one of the lame reasons you have always had.

For me, I care about my family. My family now and the one I will later have in future.

I think of my unborn kids. The kind of life I want for them.

I think of my future wife. How I want people to see her because of me.

I think of my parents. How they have suffered so much to make me who I am today.

I think of the youths walking around the streets all over Nigeria without any way to find purpose of life.

All these and many more gives me concern.

How can I change this?

What impart can I make to my own small world?

For you, It could be your family too. You may have made a decision to be rich to help orphans or to help the disabled, to impact lives.

What you know motivates you every single day of your life.

You are the only one that can find out your why. Until you find a strong why. I don’t think you need to become a entrepreneur because when the road gets tough, there won’t be anything to keep you going.

Let it sink.

I am off to bed now. It seems my day is now some other people’s night these days. Lol.

See you soon. Should be up after 2 hours. *winks*



PS: Content contains Pidgin English and Nigeria slangs.

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