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Few months ago, I received a call from a distant lady I use to know. She wanted to invest in my business so she can get guaranteed returns month in, month out.

Of course, I turned down the offer making sure I did it in a way as not to disrespect her because she is way older than I am.

This is what a lot of people are now doing. I go like blame am on this harsh economy sha.

They want to put money somewhere, relax or go to sleep and watch the money grow into Olumo rock.

These brought about the recent outburst of ponzi, get rich quick schemes and Multi Leveling Marketing. To be honest, I enjoyed a little in these schemes.

To a business man, they are only opportunities and never a form of business. If an entrepreneur will take advantage of them, he will only go in once and never come back to it. To him, it is a good opportunity for cool money if he is lucky to cash out. This is when to play smart.

I laugh when I see over social media when people keep inviting others to come joining one scheme or the other hereby tagging it business.

Some people even go the length to open an outlet, print fliers and banners, customize wears to advertise this “business” they just found.

Please don’t get me wrong. These opportunities are good. Who doesn’t want a quick way to make money? Everybody does.

But the problem with them is they aren’t sustainable, and you have to constantly find new, quick ways to do things.

You end up just being a lot more work. (Although you do learn a bit).

Long term businesses on the other hand, become easier to run and help you develop mastery by focusing on fewer things.

They also generally scale way better; that is to say, you get more output (money) than required input (time, capital), if you are patient enough.

I am not here trying to tell you whether you should put your money and energy in such places or not.

Wetin concan me. No be your money ni. Abi na my time and energy?

All I am trying to say is you shouldn’t deceive yourself thinking you are an entrepreneur by doing such businesses.

Just like a man with all his body parts intact will go to the prayer mountain for 40 days praying for a miracle how a ghana must go bag of money will fall down from heaven and turn him a millionaire overnight, so also is anyone who thinks running opportunities is being an entrepreneur.

This platform is about starting your own small business and making a ton of money with it while you build it into a massive one.

In my business journey, I have enjoyed a lot of opportunities but I won’t be talking about opportunities here. There is nothing wrong with taking up opportunities. I just don’t want to confuse you by not being able to differentiate it from doing business.

I perceive I am not sure if I am passing this message across to you they way I want to. But at least, I am trying my best.

Let’s say a friend comes to you that he has been awarded a contract to supply a company Computer hardwares and he is going to earn N10,000,000 in profits.


Your friend then now tells you he cannot finance it and he needs your help. He makes a deal with you to split the profit equally if you help with the finance.

Sensing a good way to make money, you shapaly “invest” and luckily for you, e no scam and you jejely cash out your share.

Five million for your account oh. Versace and Gucci for your body oh.

Congrats. You just made cool money. You have done well. You have made good money.

That is not what I am talking about. I am not going to focus on such opportunities. They are not business.

You only took advantage of an opportunity which turns to be a good deal like I did once with ponzi and ran away before dem get me.

You should not rely on such opportunities to sustain you forever. wanna know why? Here are some reasons..

They are not found consistently

There is no guarantee that you will keep finding such opportunities for the rest of your life. That is why some people that depend heavily on contracts struggle when there is a change of government or change in management of where they get contracts from.

I know some massive contracts can turn your life around but what will you do when you are not getting these contracts?

You are a prospect waiting to be scammed

When you are all about looking for opportunities, there is a high likelihood you will be scammed by fraudsters. Fraudsters prey on opportunity seekers. They always come up with tantalizing offers that is too good to be true.

You can become lazy

When you get addicted to looking for opportunities, you will become lazy. You will become both physically and mentally lazy. Physically, you will not want to “hustle” and work hard.

Mentally, you will not be able to think analytically and you will not want to stress your brain with things like marketing, customer support, sales that business owners bother themselves with.

You are not in control

When you have your own business, you are totally in charge of how it is ran. You know how much to spend for advertising. You know when to keep spending and when to stop.

You can even predict what the outcome of sales will amount to at the end of the month. You can easily tell what your customers or clients want or not.

If you depend on opportunities, you will not be in control, and this isn’t good for your financial future.

Your decision

Do you want short term opportunities with short life span that will have you running from one to another while learn a lot of things without mastering any or long term businesses that will focus your attention towards a direction hence helping you gain mastery with time and giving you the maximum output with minimum input invested if you can be patient enough?

I have set before you two options. Please, choose the latter. *Smiles*

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