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One thing is to have gotten a business idea and even develop a business plan and yet will never initiate it. Not because, there is no money to start, or resources are not available, but because you feel it is not yet time and you keep pushing it forward.

I use to be very slow at making decisions and taking actions. Even till now, it is one piece of head trash I clear out on a regular basis.

The habit of putting off what you suppose to do now for tomorrow is one of the habits of people who fail in life.

It is one of the most powerful habits that prevents a lot of people from moving forward in life and business. It is so powerful that you will spend time in creating alibis and excuses to not do the things you ought to have done because you are waiting for the right time to start doing something worthwhile.

In his book ‘Think and grow rich’, Napoleon Hill wrote,

“The time will never be just right. Start where you stand and work with whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you continue in it”.

When I registered my first business, I had just finished my University studies. To be precise, it was during my final year exams. I had nothing in mind to do with it.

I just have this understanding it is the starting point of all businesses even though I have a different view to that now. But I thank God today that I did register a business name that fateful day.

It sparked the passion in me to launch a service for the business. I totally had no idea what the business will be about at that time but something came up after registering it. I just heard go and I did.

See, my people. In order to tame the habit of procrastination, you have to make a decision to intentionally take immediate actions on anything you desire to do.When you do this repeatedly over a period of time, it eventually becomes a habit.

Procrastination always looks harmless and normal. Don’t be deceived. It is highly devastating. Look out for it and always remember to take action immediately.

Majority of people who procrastinate are the ones that generally allow themselves to be influenced by other people’s opinion. They allow the news, the economy, neighbors to do their thinking for them not realizing that opinions are surplus commodities.

Everyone gives out opinions looking for who to accept them. If you are easily influenced by people’s opinions, you will surely be an expert in procrastination.

The time is now. Business is building something to be able to stand for a long time. We all want to do something but as soon as we realize it will take years before we see results, we get discouraged.

Starting a business now is like planting a tree. If it will take 5 years before it yields its first set of fruits, will you go ahead to plant? If you think it is a long time, 5 years will come and you will wish you have planted the tree 5 years ago.

If you say you are too young to start a business now let’s say you are 20 years and you know it will take you 10 years to make it big, you will be 30 and still broke when it is 10 years later and you haven’t started any business.

Whether you like it or not, years will come and you will regret not starting something.

The best time to start a business is now. You don’t know how the economy will be tomorrow. So learn to live above it by starting a business today.

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