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In today’s lesson, I will show you the first thing every aspiring entrepreneur need to start a successful business life. Without this it is impossible to get to that spot you desire. 

My life in the past few years have been one with a lot of adventure. In 2 years, I have traveled across over 20 states in the country.The sweetest part of this is how I make money on the go while still doing the things i still want to do.

I travel to tourist attractions at will. I attend functions I have been invited to at will. I attend conferences, seminars and workshops without anyone’s permission. Believe me, I am enjoying the moment. It is one life with full control.

Even though I have always wanted to have a continuous cash flow from my businesses, my recent acquired life of adventure has propelled the desire to be a self sustaining guy.

i don’t believe in certificates for financial success. Be it a university or professional certificate and I absolutely don’t care if you are a A student or F student. I don’t also care if you are a man or a woman, young or old, an undergraduate, a graduate or a PhD holder, if you are a professor, a secondary school dropout or even a stack illiterate. All that matters is one single thing.

I am a living testimony to this. You may say to yourself now why I don’t call myself a millionaire Well, I won’t because I don’t have up to that in my bank account.

The belief that you must to go to school, get a certificate for a good life in future is not efficient for success. It is just something our society will make you understand is necessary.

For instance, I graduated as a zoology student over 2 years now. I doubt if I can still remember what Zoology means at the moment. I haven’t used anything around Zoology since I left the university for anything that has to do with being work or a job. All that matters now is staying financially independent which going to school to study a course is just one of billions of them.

Permit me to tell you a story. A long while ago, a warrior known a s Julius Caesar led an army to England and determined to take no chances of retreat. He was about to war his armies against a powerful foe whose men outnumbered his own.

He wanted to win at all cost. He wanted to show his army it is either victory or death.

So he offloaded his soldiers and war equipments from their ships, then gave an order to have them all burnt right before their eyes. His objective was not a hope or a wish, but a hot desire that was bigger than anything else. You know what? They won.

See, like Julius Caesar, an entrepreneur’s starting point of achievement is what Napoleon Hill called a “Burning desire“.

If you really want to win in life, you must be willing to burn your ships and cut all sources of retreat. Only by so doing can one be sure of maintaining that state of mind essential for a financially sustained life known as a burning desire.

This desire is not reading books or attending every “How to make money in 1 week” seminars. It is not also showing everybody around you say you dey hustle. It is neither not jumping into every new eye catching business venture that started. No be making money with bitcoin or how to become an MMM guider we dey talk for here oh.

It is simply having a state of mind towards becoming financially buoyant that it becomes an obsession to definitely plan your life and find a means to acquire wealth while backing the plans up with persistence, perseverance and patience which had ruled out failure from its ‘chemistry’.

The first black American millionaire, S.B Fuller’s life changed when his mother who was about to die told him on her sick bed. She said,

“We shouldn’t be poor and don’t ever tell me it is God’s will. We are poor only because your father never developed the desire for anything else”

Those few words became deeply ingrained in his mind and changed his life forever. He became obsessed to never to be poor which compelled him into making plans and getting into action concerning his life.

Soon, he became American’s First Black Multimillionaire against all external odds at that time.

About a year ago, I spent quite a lot of money to attend a closed mastermind seminar in Lagos. I remember a friend didn’t waste much time to tell me if it really matters to have myself spent that much and go through the stress of traveling when I can use the money to do other things.

He was wrong.

Through that seminar, I earned in profit the next two months about N500,000. Till date, I haven’t told him. I don’t think someone who doesn’t see the desire in me to do things that are outrageous don’t need to know about the results it brings.

So if you are going to develop this desire that will constantly make you think of the next way forward always, then you have just started. Ask yourself once more, “am I ready for this?”. The truth is you can be, you can have and you can do anything only if you want it hard enough.

Your Turn

What are your thoughts about today’s lesson? are you ready to take a step? What are your main challenges towards developing a burning desire? Meditate on this lesson and don’t forget to comment, like, share this lesson with your friends and most importantly, subscribe to my mail list. Will see you in the next lesson.


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