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I remember in my third year in the university. I was working as an intern in the most popular and most visited zoo in Nigeria, The Zoological Garden, University of Ibadan. I use to hate waking up very early and start rushing for work.

You may be thinking the distance from my house to the Zoo is like Gwagwalada to Area 10 (those who leave in Abuja will understand). My room was just a 5 minutes walk to the zoo because I stayed on campus.

It was something I had to learn after a period of time since my nights are always used for the things I know are valuable to me.

I have been a night crawler since my secondary school days when I joined the gang that kill chickens and roast the principal’s ram we then call “agbo princi”. Not just that, I happen to be one of the few guys that had a phone. I remember there is usually a phone booth queue just to use the popular late night free call hours to toast babes from the neighboring girl school.

Getting out of Secondary school then opened my eyes to how precious nights are (We will talk about this in one of our future lessons) and it trended till my university days where I use the whole night to pray, study, hack, code, download and many other things I need concentration on.

You see why I have to give away my precious moment of the day because there is 6 unit course that thinks he can decide my future of being successful? Huh?

That idea of living at the mercy of one employer because I need to work a complete 30 days before I get paid. It is one thing I call “civilized slavery” little wonder the government calls her employees “civil servants”. Abeg o, no offense as me sef still dey find government job oh. Na point I just dey make biko.

This is exactly where I am driving at. Majority thoughts of getting money is to go to a higher institution and study one of the highest sort out disciplines or acquire a skill you will later use to get a job.

The irony is this…. the world we live in changes rapidly.

Today, every Tom, Nick and Harry is a 1st degree or masters degree holder, bakes birthday and wedding cakes, is a photographer, a blogger, a make up artist, an event planner, a fashion designer e.t.c. all because of being financially independent.

In fact, I have discovered majority have no idea of what they can do to make money.  The only way to make money they have been thought is to get a job.

It was just recently I realized the problem had just began after acquiring a job. It is at that time all you have always needed will suddenly increase and then you later admit the job is not your savior to being financially independent.

Pls don’t get me wrong her, getting a Job is fabulously awesome. I am still looking for one that will be paying me like N500,000 at least.

We need people to work so the economy will run smoothly. We need doctors, engineers, teachers, civil servants, lawyers e.t.c for a stable economy. Even as an entrepreneur, you need to employ workers to work with.

But my point is this, don’t depend totally on a job as your only means making money if you want to live a life without money issues.

In a country like Nigeria, employees are not usually treated well. Employees are now begging to be paid what their salaries even after working for their employers faithfully. If you don’t get to discover the entrepreneur in you, you will live at the mercies of others. It could be the government, your employer, your family and friends and even the economy.

In this small world of ours, it is either you are a prey or a predator. Animals don’t have a choice. They were created to be one. But you as a human, you have so many chances to choose where you will belong. But it is sad majority had succumbed to living a prey to others who have decided to be predators.

You are a prey when you only depend on others to eat and pay your bills. When you want something, you can only look up to them for help and when you don’t get a positive response, there is little or absolutely nothing you can do about it.

There are people here in this country who don’t know about what the government or economy says or come up with. In fact, they influence the decision of the government and tell the economy the direction it should go. They don’t care if Naira keeps crashing or a litre of fuel had increased by 100%.

Let’s reason together. If a little of petrol suddenly is increased by the government. The first thing likely to happen is a workers nationwide strike which they usually get tired of and resume work after awhile. Then later, they will go on another strike to demand for an increase in the minimum wage.

Sounds appealing to you? Huh?

That is what we have been made to believe and become. Life will begin to make a whole lot of sense if you start seeing things from a different perspective. People with a lot of money have plenty options available to them in life. People with no or limited amount of money have no or fewer options or better still no or fewer sources of income.

Most people earning low are usually angry at people who make a lot of money. Thanks to the social media and its fake publicity, think about how you feel when you see a former course mate doing pretty fine. Maybe she got married and traveled out to live with her husband or a dude that lived few rooms from yours in the university who now is doing well as a comedian.

Na that time you go come dey think am say “This lady ehn, she no even sabi anything when we dey school oh” or “this guy when e dey come my room dah time no even funny to blow small breeze, I stee dey wonder aw e take blow sef”. My friend, stay there and be beefing even if you think you ain’t saying it out loud. In my last post, I told you to love money and people who have it so you can attract it. Don’t forget.

Our faces are usually filled with envy and hatred consciously or not. But that doesn’t change anything. Let’s say for instance, you are currently earning N50,000 and your Oga earns N200,000, what changes if you are annoyed. You will even be fired if he finds out you are annoyed with him.

So like most employees do, you pretend as if your job is bae and your boss is your epper because he gets to pay you for taking care of your bae after 30 days of intense work.

But there is good news. You have a choice. You have a choice to be a predator or a prey. You have a choice to be an employee or an employer.

What will change if you decide to discover the entrepreneur in you so you can make yourself financially strong without even quitting your job? I believe a lot will.

This is a decision you have to make. Only you will have to make it. When it comes to money matters, the best way to get rid of money issues is to master the rare act of making money and make it work for you.

As a self sustaining entity, you don’t have to make yourself uncomfortable just to make a living. The hidden treasures ready to be explored out of you even as we continue this journey together will give you the power to make good money anytime on demand.

Your turn

What are your thoughts about this lesson? What major issue are you facing to make a decision today? Comment, like, share and don’t forget to subscribe below. Stick around for the next lesson.

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