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Hello, good to know you are here.

In the last post, I made it clear the focus of this platform. In this post, I will break it down into small pieces to make it easy to feed on.
First of all, let me tell you a brief story of me. One I am very proud of.

I graduated from the First and Premier University in Nigeria, University of Ibadan. Abeg, no kee yasef if na those universities wey get 1KB of glory, e no concan the work wey we dey do for here oh. So no come here come dey. Lol.

I wanted to study Medicine and Surgery. Wait… be say I want am oh but because my friends and family believes you have to study Medicine as long as you sabi book. So I follow dem believe am too.

I was eventually admitted to study Zoology after Almighty JAMB jam me for leg say e won change my destiny. In fact, my nick “ShainZuo” was coined out from “Zoology”. Now to be honest, it was a blessing in disguise not to have been admitted to study Medicine .Till now, I still wonder the kind of doctor I would have become.

My first year as a Zoology student, I had good grades that made me a contented with the efewes in the department. But my second year came, and my overhyped grades was no where to be found. Not even on google.

It wasn’t like I suddenly relented in studying hard. In fact, I studied harder than the first year. Kind of. But I discovered I found no pleasure in the course. My passion for it was zero. I was only studying so I won’t become a story that touches the heart for future freshers.

At that moment, it dawned on me I wasn’t in the right place in my life journey. So I decided to freestyle my life as life brings itself to me. Not long, I discovered my love for computers. This love is one that I have had since elementary school but my influenced belief that all intelligent kids will become doctors won’t let me see clearly.

I started with the school WiFi, hacking every hackable loopholes to get login details. Soon, I moved to enrolling in hacking courses for the fun of it. I will stay up late for hours, even get late to morning classes. 

It was that period of my life I finally discovered what I am passionate about. 

For me it was computers. 

For you, it may be soccer, basketball, baking, fashion or fashion designing, make up, cooking, counseling, singing, talking, movies etc. as funny as it is, you can even find pleasure in selling. 

If you don’t know or it skipped your mind, you have recommended a product or a service to someone in the last 7 days. If you have, I just made you realized how you just offered a free service.

We have been helping people to make money all these years not knowing we have. We have watched matches, liked instagram and Facebook funny contents, visited people’s blogs and websites, watched movies, download apps, share contents across social media, and a whole lot I won’t be able to mention now.

I believe I just got you wondering by now about what you just read in the last paragraph. Keep calm….you are yet to know what will be revealed to you here on this platform. A whole lot of free services you have ignorantly rendered and still broke.

Back to the point of the story about me you read earlier and what you read afterwards, I found what I am passionate about and started making money with it. You may also have found what you are passionate about but it is yet to do you any good or don’t even know where your bearing is when it’s about what you have a passion for.

Don’t worry about the category you find yourself, this is exactly what we will be doing here.

Flushing out that mindset that “Everybody is not born an entrepreneur”. I just showed you recently how you have been an entrepreneur for free all these years. I believe that mindset is breaking off gradually now.

If you now have a job, gbam!!! E go come make more sense. You will be able to run being an employee and an entrepreneur simultaneously without one interfering with the other.

Please note this, being finanacially independent is different from being rich. To have a long lasting wealth, you first need to be financially independent which leads you to being financially fulfilled. 
And that is the focus of this platform…..

“To discover the hidden entrepreneurship truth about yourself for the purpose of making you financially independent.”

This platform will make it possible by helping you on how to improve your life and personal value, work on your personality strengths and weaknesses to know what is it you have been born to do.

You will also discover via this platform what money really is, differentiate between business and opportunity.

Asides it’s inspirational purpose, it will challenge you, build up your courage and improve your leadership skills.

It will give you insights into the process of developing new ideas and most importantly , help you from when you have zero knowledge as an entrepreneur to that day you will become the boss of yourself.

It will be a practical platform as there will be To Do sections for everything the platform will teach you to do.

Believe me, if you can take each lesson you learn here serious as you take Linda Ikeja Blog posts or “Blues for life or Red Devils” fans life and all the fake news every blogger is promoting to gain your attention for traffic, you will soon begin to see yourself as an island rich of unexplored treasures.

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But you don’t have to wait for alerts to check here regularly . Lesson starts from the next post. 

P.S.: This is not a motivational platform. It is rather a school for self discovery in Business.

Welcome To The Platform
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