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Thanks for taking your time to check the market I am selling. If you never sabi….. Na one of the work wey we dey do.

Creating a blog in my name still sounds funny to me. It isn’t like I am some celebrity on the Island or some business guru oh….. but it feels kinda good.

Trust me, it does feel good. Making me feel like I am toasting Aminat, Alhaja Rukayat only female child. She is the best Ewa Igoyin seller I have ever come across tho.

If you are still wondering who the heck is this guy, do me a favour. Slide in here and get to know who this dude is. *Winks*

I am presently wondering right now how you got here. Maybe you saw a share link on one of your social media platforms, or you searched something on google and you were led here or maybe you just like my face and decide to check the market wey I dey sell.

Whatever the situation that got you here is, I want to say thank you for taking such a time to check in.

I won’t dispute that I am just one random guy in this planet living without worries but I guarantee you, you will be blown away by the contents on entrepreneurship you will discover in each post you read on a regular basis.

Don’t forget that this platform won’t just be about business or SMEs. It will also be a discovery channel where you will uncover how much time, resources and potentials you have wasted over the years while trying to make a living by doing what you shouldn’t be doing in the first place

Somtin dey always pain me. That moment you hear someone make this statement,

“Everyone can’t be an entrepreneur”


Not everyone will but everyone is born one. In fact, that is who God created us to be.

Anyone can be an Entrepreneur if he chooses to be one. It is a matter of choice. It is either you take it or leave it.

It is a blessing in disguise presently in the country as economy no dey do pesin well. A job slot now has 1000 applicants engaging in the survival of the fittest to secure it. It has forced a lot of people to want to start a business whatsoever.

But how many people have succeeded in all these businesses?

You see. It is hard to come across platforms that talk about how business is done in Nigeria or this part of the world without talking about successful entrepreneurs from the western world. It is no bad it at all.

But here, I will try as much as possible to put you through surviving in the entrepreneur territory in Nigeria while using tips that successful Nigerian entrepreneurs have used and still using right from when they had nothing.

Biko, make I make this one clear. Here, it is about making money from the small businesses you will start as you continue this journey with me.

It will be a practical one. More like a school where you are taught on how to sell yourself to make money.

I don’t expect you to believe a thing I say now.

It is fine.

All I am asking you to do for me is to create an open mind. I guarantee you will learn a lot that will shape your life into a business model.

If you have read my about me page, you will understand that I am yet to be called a billionaire. I am not this guy that loves talking about how much I earn. I just love to be all over the place enjoying the “life of my head”.

I have grown from having nothing at all to where I am presently in business with a very predictable good future because things keep getting better every day as I become skillful in business on a regular basis.

Even at that, it is important to open your eyes to the hidden treasures you are yet to explore out of yourself.

As the site reads, it means you will be knowing a lot of my person. My life, hobbies, likes and dislikes, struggles, challenges e.t.c. to sum it all up.

You will get to know everything about me. Just sit and enjoy the ride. It is going to be fun than you are imagining right now.
PS: As much as I would, I will be using real life companies and individuals. Also details of actual case histories and examples. In some cases, individuals’ names will be kept unknown.

PPS: If you are gender sensitive of if your political warus warus is not of this world, make I warn you now abeg because I will be using “he”, “him” etc rather than awkwardly saying “he or she” or “him or her”. E no mean say I no like woman. Na to just make pesin dey convenient.

PPPS: By the way, I will be writing in italics Pidgin English, slangs and Indigenous languages and a lot of my writings might contain grammatical errors. We no dey do english class for here so I cannot be bothered with adhering to grammatical rules. If you will be reading for the purpose of picking out these errors rather than learning from it. Biko, kontunu.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list below as I will be sending you regularly Free resources and bonuses that will help you along this path aside the normal post alerts you will also get. I promise no spamming.

I wish you best.


Seyi Ajibola.
Introduction: Everything You Need To Know

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